5 Ways How To Grow Your Business Online

How To Grow Your Business

Every business has to start somewhere and over time every business needs to grow.

Without steady business growth there’s a danger you could be left lagging way behind your competition and become unable to compete within your niche very quickly.

So, here’s 5 sure fire ways How To Grow Your Business –


#1 Use Social Media –

If you’re not already using the power of social media to your advantage then shame on you!

The force of social media is unbelievable especially for the growth of your online business.

Using social media will quickly establish you as an authority figure within your niche. You create awareness, build a brand but also create some very powerful signals towards your site which in turn Google will reward you for.

The signals I’m talking about are mainly backlinks which are a major factor Google considers when ranking website.

Create a page on Facebook (Fanpage) all about you business. Create boards over at Pinterest full of relevant content within your niche. Head over to Google+ and get social on there too. Youtube is a MONSTER of a platform for raising awareness. Maybe creating videos isn’t your thing but there are many video software’s available where you don’t need to be the star of the video.

Be creative when it comes to social media but remember – whatever business you have your audience will already be on social media.

If you are looking for business growth strategies the social media can not be ignored!

How To Grow Your Business

#2 Build An Email List –

If you want to grow your business then you MUST build an email list. It is a staple to consistent business growth and a business growth strategy you definitely need to take seriously.

An email list is a way to reach out to those people that found themselves on your website and then left without saying goodbye. The chances of that same person returning to your website is slim to none and this is why you need to collect their details so you can contact them at a later date.

Let’s be honest – people don’t just come to your website and hand you their email address for free. There are ways of collecting email addresses so you can follow up in the future.

How To Grow Your Business


#3 Get Active In Forums –

As with social media, forums help with many things if you’re looking how to grow your business but here (as well as building your brand) you can do this such as –

Staying active and helpful in forums is a great business growth strategy and again can create some very positive signals in the eyes of Google.

How To Grow Your Business


#4 Create A Blog –

Blogs are an essential part of a solid business growth plan.

Blogs almost do everything we have spoken about so far but in a single place.

You can –

  • Position yourself as an industry leader.
  • Drive traffic to any other place on the web via links you add to your blog.
  • Create opportunities for content sharing.
  • Collect Leads.
  • Sell Your Products And Services Direct.

Ok, Let’s look at a few of those points

What do we mean by ‘Position Yourself As An Industry Leader?

This is making people think you are the ‘go to’ person in your chosen field. We want people to leave our blog thinking “That was a great experience. The creator of that blog sure was an expert and I’ll return to that blog again if I need some more information”

With a blog you have potential to do this.

Be informative on your blog and keep it up to date with the latest news in that specific niche.

‘Drive Traffic To Any Other Place’ – You can do exactly that. Let’s say you have other offers available. You can create posts on your blog then with a simple link on your page you can direct visitors to that offer.

‘Content Sharing’ – This reverts back to the social media side of things. If the visitors to your blog find your articles interesting then encourage them to share that content on social media platforms. Simply provide some social sharing icons on your blog and you’ll be surprised how many people actually love sharing other peoples content. This is one of the best business growth ideas and business growth strategies available today.

‘Collect Leads’ – By adding an optin box to your blog and offering a free product you can also build your email list. The best part about building an email list this way is it’s completely free.

How To Grow Your Business


#5 Be Consistent

Probably the most important point on how to grow your business – CONSISTENCY.

You have to be consistent so people (and Google) can start to trust you.How To Grow Your Business

Your presence needs to be around all the time. Stay active in the forums and on social media, keep in contact with your email list and keep adding fresh content to your blog.

Follow these tips to grown your business and do them consistently.

The hardest part of any business growth is the start but once you the wheels moving a little then it all starts to get easier and no longer shall you wonder how to grow your business anymore.

We hope you enjoyed this post – Good Luck!

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