Advertise On Facebook The Correct Way

If you’re looking to advertise on Facebook I suggest you read this short guide to Facebook advertising.

Advertise On Facebook

We all know how big Facebook is. Facebook has over 1.6 BILLION daily users so it’s no wonder people choose Facebook’s advertising platform.

There’s so much to consider before you go out and spend a fortune on Facebook advertising and in this guide we aim to give you the best understanding in a short space of time of how to use Facebook ads correctly and how to get the best ROI on your Facebook ads.

Before You Advertise On Facebook

So, before you advertise on Facebook you need to understand your target audience and you can do this by using Facebook’s built in tools such as ‘The Audience Insights’.

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about your target audience from – how much they earn per year, their interests, their buying habits and even their marital status.

You can discover what they enjoy doing and what pages within Facebook they have been liking.

The audience insights feature with Facebook Ads really is the key to a successful Facebook Advert and something you need to master before you advertise on Facebook.

There are many excellent software programs out there to help you with Facebook Audience Insights.

The best Facebook ads are always the ads that truly understand their targeted audience. If you don’t fully understand who your audience is and what your audience wants then your Facebook ads will sink faster than the titanic.


Create A Facebook Fanpage

Another thing you must do before you head off to advertise on Facebook is create a Facebook Fanpage.

When I say ‘MUST’ is is not essential to have a Fanpage but I highly recommend you do.

You can advertise on Facebook directly from your Fanpage this way making the PPC aspect of Facebook ads cheaper.

Also, there are many other benefits to having a Fanpage such as

  • Allows You To Engage With Your Audience For Free
  • Somewhere To Advertise Your Website
  • You Can Promote Events Or Products
  • SEO Boost
  • Access Your Page Insights
  • Collect Leads
  • And More….

A Fanpage is almost a way to advertise on Facebook for free which I think you will agree is pretty cool.

One of the main point I will pick up on from the list above is ‘COLLECT LEADS’

Facebook have just added a new feature to everyone’s Facebook Fanpage and that is the option of adding a ‘Sign Up’ option to the top of your page.

This is a game changer for every marketer on Facebook. This allows you to collect peoples email addresses with the simple click of a button.

You can learn more about the new Sign Up function right HERE.

Advertise On Facebook

Understand Your Adverts Objective

Ok, so you understand your target audience and you have a Fanpage with some content on it and all the details of your website and personal information filled in.

You now need to understand what you want your advert to achieve when you advertise on Facebook.

When you access your ads manager and you’ve clicked ‘create ad’ you’ll see this screen –

Advertise On Facebook

You need to choose the option which applies best to you and just remember – EACH OPTION IS QUITE DIFFERENT  so choose carefully!

Let’s quickly run through each of the options.

Page Post Engagement – Promote a post you made on your Fanpage.

Page Likes – Encourage people to like your Fanpage.

Clicks To Website – Have people visit your website.

App Installs – Encourage people to install an app you have.

App Engagement – Get people to use your app.

Even Responses – Let people know about an upcoming event you may have.

Offer Claims – Create offers so people can redeem them in your store or on your website.

Video Views – Increase engagement in videos you create and post.

Ad Placement

There are different places to choose from when you advertise on Facebook.

These range from

  1. News Feed Ads
  2. Right Column
  3. Desktop
  4. Mobile

Each of these options have advantages and disadvantages.

You should check out this article we found all about Facebook Ad Placement and the reasons behind each choice.

Advertise On Facebook

Some Final Advertise On Facebook Tips

Before you advertise on Facebook familiarise yourself with Facebook’s Ads Guidelines and Policies.

Be sure to play by the book when advertising on Facebook or your account will be banned without warning!

Some of the basics when trying to get your Facebook Ads approved are –

Don’t make false or misleading claims when you advertise on Facebook!

What this means is you CAN NOT have your ads saying things like –

Buy Our Weight Loss Product And You Will Lose 10 Pounds Of Body Fat In 10 Minutes Flat

If you are making a claim such as this you need to be able to provide hard evidence of what you claim to be true.

Another example would be –

Learn How To Make $3492.67 Per Minute With This Offer

False and misleading statements like these not only make you look ridiculous to your target audience but they will get you banned from Facebook within minutes, fact!

When you advertise on Facebook you need to create ‘suggestive ads’

Suggestive ads would maybe read something along the lines of –

You Could Become 10 Pounds Lighter In The Near Future With This New Product


Discover A Method I Use To Generate A Full Time Income From Home

You see, you’re peaking your audiences interests but you are not making hard claims that may or may not be true.

Advertise On Facebook


Direct Traffic To A Landing Page

I would always suggest you direct your traffic to a landing page rather than paying for likes to your Fanpage.

We all know the Money Is In The List and with Facebook you can build up a super targeted email list for cheap if you get your CPC low enough.

Building an email list is and always will be the number 1 way of making money online.

All you need is a landing page and you’re in business.

Discover A Super Simple Landing Page Software Right Here!

Make sure you have a link at the bottom of your landing page so people can easily leave the page if they like. Also be sure to add your own privacy policy on the landing page too.

The Facebook team will not only check your ad before they approve it but they will also check your landing page to see if that is compliant with their terms and conditions.

advertise on facebook

Facebook Ad Text Guidelines

What this means is simple. You will upload a image for your Facebook ad.

If you decide to add text to that image then the text MUST NOT cover 20% of the image.

Here’s A Great FREE Website To Create High Quality Facebook Ads Images.

Split Test Your Facebook Ads

Test, test, test and test again.

If a particular Facebook Ad doesn’t seem to be giving you the results you are looking for then tweek the ad.

Change some of the text or try a different image.

It all comes down to finding something that works for your particular niche and audience.

It’s rare to see results on your first ad on any advertising platform but with some careful studying of your ads performance you will be able to make the necessary adjustments and start seeing results soon after.

advertise on facebook

Get Out There And Advertise On Facebook

We put this post together so you have a basic understanding of Facebook Ads and what you need to do before you advertise on Facebook.

The only thing left for you to do now is give it a go.

Follow this guide and create your first Facebook Advertising Campaign.

Be sure to keep your daily budget at something you can afford and you will be fine.

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