7 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 – Every Website Needs

  1. Best WordPress Plugins

Every website needs to use plugins so that’s why we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress plugins that are available right now.

Plugins are vital to the running of a successful website but there are too many out there that claim to be the best WordPress plugin yet don’t cut the mustard.

Read the list of best WordPress plugins below and feel free to let us know in the comments section if you agree with our choices or whether you feel we have missed a plugin off our best WordPress Plugins 2016 list.


Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins 


Best WordPress Plugins #1 – Project Supremacy

Website – www.project-supremacy.com

Price – Single Site License – $67

Verdict – 100% Must Buy!

There was only ever 1 place to start with this best WordPress Plugin list and that was with a plugin that takes SEO to another level.

Project Supremacy is by far and away The Best SEO Plugin FOR WordPress we’ve ever used.

Project Supremacy takes the guess work out of WordPress SEO and this is why it is our #1 recommendation on the best WordPress plugins list.

Stop playing the SEO guessing game. Stop trying to please Google and the other search engines by doing things that you think they want you to do.

Plugin Project Supremacy and start doing your SEO the correct way!

Click on the video below to see Project Supremacy in action. Best SEO plugin for WordPress ? Easily!


Best WordPress Plugins

Best WordPress Plugins #2 –
WordPress Profit Builder

Website – www.profitbuilder.com

Price – Single Site License – $47

Verdict – A Must For Any Internet Marketer!

Easily in at number 2 on our best WordPress plugins list is WordPress Profit Builder.

No matter what niche you are in you will have a need to build an email list or newsletter or some sort.

Without a professional looking, eye catching landing page your list building efforts are pointless.

Normally you would have 2 options when it came to creating a squeeze page or landing page –

  1. Higher an expensive web designer
  2. Buy some overpriced landing page creator software

Enter WordPress Profit Builder.

Simply install the plugin and you can literally churn out AMAZING looking landing pages within minutes.

#2 best WordPress Plugin? Easy!

Watch WordPress Profit Builder Plugin In Action Below And Be Amazed How Easy It Is To Use –


Best WordPress Plugins


Best WordPress Plugins #3 – Optin Skin

Website – www.Optin-Skin.com

Price – $67

Verdict – Awesome!

We should all be capturing leads from our blogs and we all need an awesome WP plugin that does exactly that.

This WordPress Plugin allows you to create stunning optin forms and social share buttons.

There’s a plethora of skins and designs for all your optin boxes.

You can customise everything with Optin-Skin.

Optin-Skin is compatible with all the leading autoresponders so setting up all your optin boxes couldn’t be simpler.

This WordPress Plugin easily makes this best WordPress Plugins post because it’s super powerful for any online business.

Click The Video Below To Watch Optin Skin In Action –

Best WordPress Plugins


Best WordPress Plugins #4 – Pretty Link Pro

Website – www.Pretty-Link.com

Price – $47

Verdict – The MUST Have Plugin For Affiliate Marketers!

Cloaking your links on your websites is very important and there is no better link cloaker out there today than Pretty Link.

Not only does Pretty Link aloow you to take ugly looking URL’s, it also allows you to cloak all your affiliate links, too.

Pretty Link is a must have WordPress Plugin for affiliate markers who promote affiliate products on their websites.

With Pretty Link Pro you can make all your new URL’s – No Follow and that is a must if you are trying to rank pages or affiliate review posts in Google.

There was no question Pretty-Link had to make our best WordPress plugin list because it is easily 1 of the best WordPress plugins available today.

This is 1 WordPress Plugin you will be thankful to have.


Best WordPress Plugins


Best WordPress Plugins #5 – Shareaholic

Website – www.shareaholic.com

Price – Free

Verdict – Get It Now!

Allowing people to easily share the content on your website is vital so you 100% need a WordPress plugin for social shares.

Shareaholic is simple to install, easy to set up, looks great on your website and is totally free.

I can’t stress enough how important social media has become these days when trying to grow your online business.

Allow people to share your content quickly and easily with this awesome WordPress plugin.


Best WordPress Plugins



Best WordPress Plugins #6 – BlogFusion

Website – www.blogfusion.com

Price – $67

Verdict – Lifesaver!

BlogFusion is one of the best WordPress plugins available today and is easily one of the most powerful, too.

The power of BlogFusion is absolutely amazing and it truly is a must have for the majority of WordPress blog owners.

Here’s a few key reasons why you will buy BlogFusion toady –

  1. Creates Content
  2. Generates Traffic
  3. Built In Article Spinner
  4. Automatically Builds Backlinks
  5. Helps With SEO

Don’t believe that this 1 little WordPress plugin can do all that? See for yourself –

Click Here To See This WordPress Plugin In Action!


Best WordPress Plugins



Best WordPress Plugin #7 – VidPix

Website – www.vidpix.com

Price – $18.93

Verdict – Get This Now!

VidPix made our list of best WordPress plugins because it solves all your image worries for a super low price.

Finding relevant images for your blog posts can be a very tedious job.

VidPix solves your images worries instantly.

Install the plugin and instantly access millions of images that will fit into your posts seamlessly.

Simply type in your chosen keywords and this amazing WordPress plugin finds all the best images available for you to use.

Not only that – there is a build in editor within the plugin so you can customise all the images and truly make them your own.

Never underestimate the power of having engaging images on your blog posts.

Use images correctly and you will see a huge increase in traffic and sales.



Best WordPress Plugins



That was or list of our top 7 WordPress plugins that will have a huge impact on your website.

We’ve tried to include a WordPress plugin for everyone and have most definitely included the most important plugins.

If you’ve tried these WordPress plugins or you feel we’ve missed and important plugin out then please let us know in the comments below.

If you require and further information on any of the plugins (again) please feel free to leave a comment or get in touch via our contact form.

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