How To Increase Website Traffic And Should You Buy Website Traffic?

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Should You Really Buy Website Traffic?



Everybody with an online business understands or should understand the importance of website traffic but how do you acquire that website traffic and should you buy website traffic?

Website traffic is essential to any online business in order to raise awareness of the brand and (more importantly) to make sales but how do you get that website traffic and how to increase website traffic over time.

In this post we’re going to cover a few methods of generating website traffic, how to increase website traffic and where to buy website traffic.

Free Website Traffic

Free website traffic is something we all want for obvious reasons – it costs nothing!

This method is not as straight forward as it may seem as it takes time to gain any sort of traction.


Someone once said to me “If you can’t find your target audience on Facebook then the chances are you’ll never find them”. So true!

Facebook has over 1.59 BILLION active monthly users so your audience will be there, you just have to find them.

On Facebook you can get a great flow of free traffic to your website but Facebook have made this harder recently and have tried to gear everyone towards their paid Ads.

If you’re looking to buy targeted traffic (however) then Facebook is a great place to buy website traffic from, as long as you know what you’re doing.

In this separate post you can learn how to buy targeted traffic from Facebook – THE RIGHT WAY!



Instagram is a monster when it comes to website traffic. You can increase website traffic 10 fold simply by using Instagram to your advantage.

The great thing about Instagram is it’s 100% free website traffic and the reach is simply amazing.

Facebook saw the potential Instagram had a while ago and that’s why Facebook snapped it up. Basically what I’m saying is – the website traffic is 100% free at the moment on Instagram but as Facebook now owns it that could all change very soon.

My advise – If you don’t want to buy website traffic then head over to Instagram while it’s all free.

Learn how to market on Instagram HERE.



Yes, another social media platform but an excellent way how to increase website traffic.

You can build up huge followings on Twitter and if you build up a good trust relationship with them they’ll be sure to click on any of the URL’s you provide in your tweets.

Learn how to explode your business on Twitter HERE.



YouTube is a 100% free way to increase your website traffic.

It’s not just as simple as you may think though. Gone are the days of making a video, uploading it to YouTube and seeing results.

There are many factors that must be taken into consideration when making a YouTube video and many factors to consider when uploading your video.

S.E.O plays a huge part when ranking YouTube videos and you can learn more about that HERE.



Another monster in the social media world. Stats suggest that people actually make their way over to Pinterest for inspiration of things to purchase.

People are basically heading to Pinterest to shop.

You can learn everything you  need to know and get some expert tips about Pinterest Marketing HERE.



If you’re unsure of what SEO stands for it’s Search Engine Optimization and you can read all about that HERE.

SEO is my choice when it comes to website traffic (it wasn’t always my first choice) but it may not be the best choice of how to get traffic to your website if your a complete beginner or you want quick results.

SEO takes time to master but if SEO is something you’ve heard about before and something you want to try then I suggest you click HERE to learn all about it.

Search Engine Optimization is free and that’s great. If you set out your pages and posts on your websites correctly then the amount of free, organic traffic you will receive from the search engines will be worth the effort.


Q & A Sites: 

Simply put – Q & A sites are question and answer sites. You can head over to places like or Yahoo Answers and look for questions from people within your niche.

Let’s say you’re in the dog training niche. You would head over to Quora or Yahoo and find questions about training dogs. You would go ahead and answer that question and then place a link within your reply directing people back to a post on your website or blog.

You can direct people to website posts, CPA offers and even affiliate offers.

When you’re wondering how to increase website traffic this is a fantastic method.


Unless you’re in a super obscure niche then there will be a forum out there for you.

Forums are a great place to build up your authority. You need to be active in these forums. Speak to people, help people and just generally get involved.

Normally you can add a signature when you set up your profile in these forums. What that means is you can place a link in your profile to your website and every time you leave a comment your website URL will be visible to all within that forum.

The main thing to remember when focusing on forum marketing is – BE ACTIVE.

As everyone in that forum will obviously be interested in your niche then this will be laser targeted website traffic.


Link To Other Bloggers: 

When you create a post on your website add a link into your post linking to another relevant webpage.

This could result in more website traffic for you and may also create a nice juicy backlink which means Google will reward you for.

Paid Traffic

There is a huge plus when it come to paid website traffic and that is – THE RESULTS ARE INSTANT!

As always with a plus point there has to be a negative and the negative in this case regarding paid website traffic is – If you do it wrong you could lose a substantial amount of money and quickly go out of business.

If you’ve been wondering how to get traffic to your website or looking for ways to increase website traffic then it maybe time for you to buy website traffic.

Here are a few of the places that I used to buy website traffic and some places I still buy website traffic.

Google Adwords:

As with all these paid methods of traffic the earnings potential is huge and Google Adwords is no exception.

In my opinion Adwords is a great place to buy website traffic but I’m not sure that I’d recommend you start with Adwords right off the bat.

There is a learning curve with any place you buy website traffic and the options below are a little more forgiving.

If you want to buy website traffic from Google Adwords by all means, give it a shot.


Bing Ads:

Another grate place to buy website traffic is Bing Ads.

Unlink Google Adwords and Facebook Ads, Bing allows you to make a few mistakes without getting your account banned.

Google and Facebook have very strong guidelines which you must adhere to in order to get your ads through their approval departments.

If Google and Facebook don’t approve your ads for one reason or another then they are quite ruthless and are likely to ban your account. Once your account gets banned on either of these platforms the chances of you ever getting that account back in action is slim to none.

With Bing Ads (however) they allow you to make a few mistakes along the way. Rather than banning your account they will give you a chance to modify the advert and send it back in to be looked at for approval again.



After reading the paragraph above I can understand if you’re a little apprehensive about buying website traffic from Facebook – but don’t be!

Yes – Facebook’s advertising guidelines are a huge pain in the arse and yes they make it almost impossible to advertise certain things in certain niches but if you find a profitable campaign on Facebook you will never need another advertising platform ever again.

The stats speak for themselves. Facebook has BILLIONS of daily users so your target audience WILL already be there, you just need to find them.

We created a separate post with all the details you need to consider before you buy website traffic from Facebook and how to use Facebook Ads the correct way. You can read that post HERE.


Solo Ads:

This is (for me) the fastest way to get targeted traffic to your website.

In many cases the traffic can start instantly.

The method of solo ads is simple.

You find a seller within your niche who already has a list of subscribers and you pay them to send YOUR offer out to THEIR list.

Yes, it’s that simple!

You create the swipe (write the email), send that over to the seller with the time and date you want it to be emailed and that’s it, you’re done.

Don’t forget to include a link within the email swipe where to want to direct the traffic to.

This link can be the URL of your website, a link to a Facebook page or even an affiliate offer.

You buy the website traffic in what’s called clicks. You would buy 50 – 1000 clicks from a solo ad seller. The amount buy website traffic all depends on

A) What amount of clicks you can afford.

B) How many click the seller can deliver.


Me personally, I have never bought solo ad traffic anywhere other than Udimi and the reason for this is it’s the safest place.

Udimi provide all the filters so you can rest assured when you buy website traffic from Udimi it will all be real and none of the robot traffic that’s no good to anybody.






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