What Is CPA Marketing? Ultimate Guide To Cpa Marketing

So what is CPA marketing, then, and how does it work?

CPA Marketing

Welcome To My Mini CPA Course – 

Let’s face it – if you’ve been trying to make money online you’ve no doubt tried anything and everything the crazy world of internet marketing has to offer.

You’ve tried –

  • List Building
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And Much More….

Am I right? Of course I am!

I know I’m right because since I started making money online many years ago I was the same but it was only about 3 years ago I got into the world of CPA marketing and quickly realised that you can make a decent amount of money as long as you know what you’re doing and you do CPA Marketing correctly.

CPA Marketing

What Is CPA Marketing?

First you need to understand what CPA marketing stands for.

Simply put CPA Marketing stand for Cost Per Action Marketing.

Ok, you know what CPA stands for but what does Cost Per Action really mean?

In a nutshell you get paid everytime someone takes an action on 1 of your offers.

Broken down then – you find a CPA offer to promote and you will be given your own unique affiliate link in the shape of a URL.

Unlike traditional affiliate marketing (where you drive traffic to an affiliate link and then you get a percentage IF you make a sale) with CPA Marketing you will drive traffic to your own unique affiliate link but you will be paid when a visitor takes a specific action.

The action the visitor needs to take will be detailed by the vendor when you signup to promote that particular CPA.

The most common actions people will usually need to take in order for you to see a commission are –

  • Filling Out A form
  • Taking A Survey
  • Signing Up For A Free Trail
  • Buying A Product Or Service
  • Simply Submitting Their Email Address

CPA Marketing


My 2 CPA Marketing Methods

Before you set off and signup to all the CPA networks you should decide how you are going to promote your CPA offers.

There are 2 main ways I promote my CPA offers and they are –

  • Via My Own Website
  • Through Paid Advertising

Promote CPA Offers On Your Website –

This is the more straight forward of my 2 CPA marketing methods because it is exactly what the header says. You promote CPA offers on your own website.

Rather than monetizing your website with big ugly blocks of Google Adsense ads you monetize your website with neat looking CPA marketing ads.

Let’s look into this a little closer.

If you’re doing CPA advertising off your own website you need to make the offer congruent with your websites content.

There would be no point whatsoever advertising a CPA offer about dog training if the website you are advertising it on is all about baking cakes.

You see?

The CPA offer needs to run alongside what the website is all about or no-one will click the ad and you will never make any commissions.

Unless you’re in a super obscure niche the chances are there will be a CPA offer available somewhere online for you to promote.

Many people actually build sites around CPA offers.

They simply find a good looking CPA marketing offer and create content for a website around the CPA offer.

This way you’re sure that there is a CPA offer available for you to promote.


CPA Marketing


Promote CPA Marketing Offers Via Paid Ads –

What you don’t want to do is overlook this section just because there are paid ads involved.

This is how many of the multi million dollar internet marketers make their money and if you find a winning campaign the amount of money you can earn this way is of the scale.

With a successful CPA campaign you can quite easily invest $1 on CPA advertising and turn that in $3. Not bad!

However, gone are the days of direct linking from an advertising platform straight to a CPA offer.

The big ad networks such as Adwords and Facebook won’t allow that any more.

Bing are a little more lenient but CPA marketing on Bing can still be tricky.

To succeed CPA marketing with the big ad networks you need to direct traffic from the advert you place to a landing page. On your landing page you can capture the visitors email address then direct them to the CPA offer you are promoting.

This is the best practice (in my opinion) for CPA marketing and there are many CPA courses that also teach this method.

CPA Marketing


Finding A CPA Offer To Promote

This is the best part when it comes to CPA Marketing – Choosing which CPA offer to promote.

You could be trawling the internet for days looking for decent CPA offers but you don’t need to, not at all.

All you need to do is do a search for oDigger or OfferVault.com.

The 2 websites I’ve mentioned above are the best and easiest places to find CPA offers.

They are the daddy of CPA offers.

Each site scours all the many CPA networks online and puts all the best offers in 1 simple place.

Let’s say you were in the weight loss niche.

You would simply head over to www.offervault.com and do a search for weight loss.

CPA Marketing


Once you have initiated that search you will be presented with a list of search results as I was below.

CPA Marketing


Click on an offer you like the look of –

CPA Marketing


Then read the offer details on the next page –

CPA Marketing


So as we can see – this particular offer converts when a visitor buys that product but there are many different types of conversions when it comes to CPA Marketing.


After you view the offer you will want to check out the landing page of that CPA offer.

The landing page of that particular CPA offer should look clean and have a professional feel to it.

If you view the landing page and it looks a bit dodgy then it will also look dodgy to the people you send to that landing page and it will not convert.

No conversions = no commissions.

The better looking the landing page the more chance you have of making money.

Good Looking Landing Page –

CPA Marketing


A Landing Page Style I Would Avoid – 

CPA Marketing


Some of the common terms you will see when looking into CPA offers are –

ONLY – Only the specified type of traffic that the offer lists is acceptable.

LEAD – A more common CPA term and this means you get paid every time you introduce a new lead.

EMAIL / ZIP – You get a commission when a visitor supplies either (or both) of these.

INCENT Referring to Incentivized. This means you can bribe visitors with a free offer or gift.

NO INCENT – You are not allowed to bribe users in anyway, shape or form.

PAY PER CALL – After a visitor clicks your link you are paid if they make a call.

INSTALL / DOWNLOAD – If someone downloads something after clicking your link you will be paid.

PUBLISHER – That’s you as you are promoting that offer.

PIXEL FIRE – When your pixel fires the lead you have sent has actually been counted as a lead.

UK/CA/US – Refers to certain countries. Some offers can only be promoted in certain countries so keep an eye out for this.

AM – This is your Affiliate Manager. Be sure to build up a relationship with your AM.

REV SHARE or SALE – For every sale you will get a percentage.


Time To Join A CPA Network

Finding a CPA offer to promote is easy but getting accepted to the CPA network, well, that can be sort of tough.

CPA networks such as MaxBounty and Peerfly have a job to do and they do that job well.

They are given the task of finding the best affiliates to promote their offers and this is the reason that some of the CPA networks are choosy who they let promote their products.

In order to join a large CPA network and start promoting their offers you will need to –

Fill Out The Application Form PROPERLY!CPA Marketing

If you are in anyway misleading on the CPA networks application you will be rejected. It’s as simple as that.

Be VERY Transparent About How You Will Promote The CPA Offers – 

This means how you will be sending traffic to the offers you promote.

CPA networks (like everyone else) want quality traffic. If you are planning on sending a bunch of low quality clicks from some dodgy traffic website you found to a CPA offer hoping that you will see some commissions, think again!

The CPA network will vet your traffic and this is why they’ll be asking how you plan on promoting their offers in the first place.

Sending a bunch of low quality traffic to CPA offers is a sure fire way to get yourself banned from that CPA network.

Speak To An Affiliate Manager From The Network ON THE PHONE.

Look, if the idea of actually speaking to someone on the phone sends a shivers down your spine then CPA marketing isn’t for you.

After you submit your online application 9 out of 10 CPA networks WILL want a quick chat on the phone with you.

If you think you can hide behind your computer screen and send and email or 2 then everything will be fine, it won’t!

The CPA networks aren’t being difficult here they simply want to make sure they are recruiting the correct type of affiliate.   CPA Marketing

Don’t be nervous about the phone call, the idea isn’t to try and catch you out.

Just be honest with your affiliate manager and build up a relationship.

If you are new to CPA marketing – be honest.

If you’re a veteran CPA marketing expert – be honest.

The CPA networks need affiliates like you just as you need them, but as I said, they want the correct type of affiliate on board.

Pro CPA Tips

Build up trust and a relationship with your AM.

By doing this you will be able to negotiate better commissions for your CPA offers.

Your affiliate manager will also keep you informed of the best paying offers as soon as they are available.

Building up a relationship with your affiliate manager is possibly the best tip there is when it comes to CPA Marketing.

Avoid Dodgy CPA Networks

The internet is littered with shady CPA Networks that will rip you off.

Be sure to check out CPA Network reviews on oDigger before you proceed.

CPA Marketing


I’ve already mentioned MaxBounty and Peerfly but another CPA Network worth checking out is Panthera Network.

CPA Tracking

Very, very important part of CPA Marketing especially if you are planning on promoting CPA offers via a paid ad network.

If you’re using Bing Ads or Google Adwords as you main traffic sources you will literally be throwing money away blind if you don’t track your clicks and conversions.

You need to know which ads are converting and which ads are losing you money.

Without tracking you have no chance of making constant profits from paid ad CPA marketing.

The best tracking software I have used (and still use today) is ClickMagick.

You can track every type of affiliate link through ClickMagick and you can also pick up your 14 day FREE Trail right HERE.


Almost Ready For CPA Marketing?

After reading my review you’re probably ready to earn some big, fat, juicy CPA commissions of your own, right?

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