7 Proven Tips For Higher Landing Page Conversions

  1. Higher Landing Page Conversions

Higher Landing Page Conversions


Landing pages (or squeeze pages) are the first thing your user sees when they hit your website so it is important they deliver the correct message straight away.

If your landing page looks good and has a professional feel to it this will increase your optins, leads or sales 10 fold.

Here are some of my best tips for higher converting landing pages.


#1 Simple Is King

A landing page has 2 main objectives,

Objective #1 – A Conversion Point (Email, Lead or Sale)

Objective #2 – To Represent Your Company

These are the 2 things you need to focus on when creating your landing page.

DO NOT clutter or over complicate your landing page, it will only annoy your users.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#2 Make Your Call To Action As Clear As Possible

Your call to action (or CTA) is very important.

Some people have developed a certain blindness nowadays when online and occasionally we need to guide their eyes to where we want them to go.

Keep your CTA short, sweet and straight to the point. Use words and poke people into taking a specific action.

Use arrows as eye guiders and a clear call to action button.

Call To Action Buttons should ALWAYS be visible to the user as soon as they hit your page.

You DO NOT want your user to have to scroll down the page before they see the CTA button.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#3 Use Videos Where Possible

If you’ve already made videos within your business try utilising 1 of those on your landing page.

Videos are a great way to engage your users whilst also getting maximum information across without having to use lots of text on your landing page.

Some studies show – video actually improves conversion rate by up to 80%


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#4 A/B Testing – Split Testing

Very important.

You must test, test and test again when it comes to your landing pages.

Don’t settle for the first landing page you create.

Split testing is the best way of improving your conversions.

Change and image or 2 or change a little bit of the text here and there.

Split testing is easy and could double your conversion rates in the process.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#5 Segment Your Traffic

Try not to use 1 landing page for all your traffic sources.

Instead have separate landing pages for social, PPC, solo ads, display, etc.

This can give you vital insights into which channel is performing best.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#6 Landing Page Must Be Mobile Friendly

This doesn’t really need to be mentioned as it goes without saying but – if your landing page isn’t mobile friendly then you will be missing out on vast amounts of traffic.

Your user need to be able to leave you their information on which ever device they choose to use.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


#7 Your Contact Information

Unless your marketing online in dodgy circles, leaving your contact information shouldn’t be a problem for you.

It instantly builds trust for your user as it shows them you are the real deal.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


Single Optin Vs Double Optin

There are 7 Proven Tips For Higher Landing Page Conversions.

Put these tips to the test and you’ll soon find a winning landing page.

Another thing we quickly want to touch on is single optin vs double optin.

This is completely your choice but what we found whilst doing our testing is –


Higher Landing Page Conversions


Single Optin

You get higher conversions if you use only the single optin option but that doesn’t mean the quality of subscriber is better, especially if you are giving away a free offer.

With the single optin you will see a lot of ‘Freebie Seekers’ jumping on your list.

Tests do show that a single optin performs better in regard to a higher optin so if you’re looking to build a list fast then this may be the best option for you.

Double Optin

Some think asking a subscriber to go and check their email and confirm their email address actually puts people off but what you will find is the list of subscribers you build will be a much purer list than that of a single optin.

The people that actually take their time to go and confirm their interest after originally putting in their email address clearly want to be on your list for 1 reason or another.


Higher Landing Page Conversions


Not My Call

I can’t sit here and tell you which is the better option for you.

This would depend on the type of list you are building and what the list is based around.

My advise would be to Split Test – A/B Testing.

It’s easy enough to have 2 landing pages with 1 single optin and 1 double optin.

Drive the same amount of traffic to each landing page and see which performs best for you.


Higher Landing Page Conversions



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