What Is PLR And How Can You Start An Online Business With It?

  1. What Is PLR
  2. What Is PLR

In this post we’re going to be covering everything PLR. What is PLR? How to start an online business with PLR, where to buy PLR and PLR articles.

If you want to know what PLR is or you’re looking to buy PLR then stick around to the end of this post.

what is plr

In A Nutshell – What Is PLR? 

You’re wondering ‘what is PLR’, right?!

PLR has lots of uses but in many cases it can be the fastest way to start an online business.

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. Simply put this is something that has been created by someone else then you sell it as your own.

It can be –

  • PLR software that someone has created,
  • PLR  Articles that someone has written,
  • PLR Videos that someone else has made,
  • And so on and so on.

No matter what niche you’re in there will be some sort of PLR product  somewhere online within that niche.

what is plr


What is PLR Used For?

Well, the main reasons PLR is used are as follows –

#1 What Is PLR Used For – To Build Your Email List

That’s right. We all know the importance of building up an email list not just when you’re starting an online business but for the duration of your business also. List building is the most important factor to succeeding with your online business.

Many marketers give away PLR products as their ‘bribe’.

That’s the free offer they use to get people to subscribe to their email lists.

You can buy PLR and offer it in exchange for a persons email address.

#2 What Is PLR Used For – To Build Trust With Their Subscribers

As soon as you start adding subscribers to your email list then you won’t just want to sell them products. The reason for this is your list will become burnt out and unresponsive. PLR products are a great way to keep your email list engaged.

Every list builder will tell you to build up a trusting relationship with your list and you can do this by emailing PLR products to them.

PLR products are very cheap. You can send your subscribers PLR articles, PLR products, PLR videos and PLR software that you have purchased for next to nothing and your subscribers will think you’re great because they have an awesome freebie from you.

PLR is a great way to build a relationship with your email list.

#3 What Is PLR Used For – Content For You 

Private Label Rights products are a great source of content.

If you’re a website owner (like myself), social media marketer or email marketer you will understand just how much time and effort goes into creating new content.

PLR products are great for this because somebody else has already written that content so all you have to do is add it which ever platform you want it to show on.


If your plan is to buy PLR articles to add them straight to your website, DON’T!

You don’t want to do this for the simple reason that someone else has already added it to their website and then you’ll fall foul of Google’s duplicate content rules and your site will be slammed!

If you plan on buying PLR articles to add to your website I suggest you spin the article beforehand.

You can sign up to the best article sinner I know right here for FREE.

what is plr

How To Start An Online Business With PLR Products.

Many people nowadays are selling what they call a ‘Business In A Box’ and it quite literally is a business in a box.

In most cases a PLR Business in a box is a super easy way of starting an online business. You can literally be up and running within a couple of hours!

My personal experience with this business model has been very successful.

Without blowing my own trumpet I’ve made a small fortune off the back of PLR businesses.

You will need to buy PLR from a trusted source which I will reveal very shortly.

The PLR business in a box model then is simple.

You will buy a complete business that is almost ready to go.

There are PLR YouTube Marketing businesses, Weight Loss Businesses, Make Money Online businesses – the list goes on.

You will generally get –

  1. Ready Made Sales Page
  2. Ready Made Content (eBook or software)
  3. All The Training To Set Everything Up.

All you will need to do it re-brand the PLR product (put your name on it), set up the sales cart, drive some traffic to your new business and watch the sales roll in.

All the set up video training is provided for you and these PLR businesses are 9 times out of 10 DIRT cheap too!

It really is as simple as that! Your own online business within a couple of hours.

What Is PLR

The Place I Sell My PLR Products

All my PLR product sales come from a website called JVzoo.com.

I use this platform for 1 reason and 1 reason only – I don’t have to do any work to sell my PLR.

JVzoo.com is a place for affiliates to find products they wish to sell and earn commissions on. All I do is simply list my PLR product on JVzoo.com and have affiliates sell the thing for me.

What Is PLR

What Is PLR – Conclusion And Where To Buy PLR

You’ve just learnt the answer to your question ‘What Is PLR’ and I hope you like what you’ve discovered.

Selling PLR products is the only way I can think of that is –

  1. So Easy To Set Up Your First Online Business
  2. So Cheap To Set Up An Online Business

The only other thing you need to know now is where to buy your PLR products from.


Click Here To Discover My #1 Go TO PLR Store.


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