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Review: CPA Lead Machine Review

Creator: Neil Moran cpa course

Price: $9.95

Upsells: Yes – Explained In The CPA Lead Machine Review Below

Verdict: Well Worth The Money


cpa lead machine review


CPA Lead Machine Review –

CPA Marketing has become huge lately with the whole ‘make money online’ world.

The reasons for this are –

  1. It’s Easy To Set Up cpa lead machine review
  2. Newbie Friendly
  3. It Can Be A Real Cost Effective Way Of Generating Huge Income Online.

Because of the reasons I’ve listed above, many internet marketers quickly rushed to their computers to rattle together CPA Marketing Courses knowing full well people will buy them so when we came across CPA Lead Machine you can understand why we thought this would be just another run of the mill CPA course, we were surprised!

Neil Moran has put together a really solid CPA course, here, teaching his students the ins and outs of CPA Marketing.

The great thing about CPA Lead Machine is that the creator (Neil Moran) is a seasoned veteran when it comes to CPA marketing.

He’s been playing the CPA game for many years so he knows exactly what he’s taking about and that comes across very clearly in his training.

Here are some CPA earnings YOU could be making soon when you purchase CPA Lead Machine –


cpa lead machine review


CPA Lead Machine Course

Enough about that stuff then, you want to know about the course, right?!

For the STUPIDLY SMALL price of $9.95 you will have access to the members area where you will be introduced to Neil’s – Bing Case Study.


Here you’ll find 8 (very well put together) training videos filmed by Neil.

Video 1 – Bing Coupons cpa lead machine review

Straight away in video 1 Neil will show you the exact steps he’s used to get over $150 off Bing to spend on advertising – FREE.

That’s right guys – When you purchase CPA Lead Machine you will be show how YOU could receive $150 worth of FREE Bing advertising.

Video 2 – Getting Accepted cpa lead machine review

A crucial part of CPA Marketing is learning how to get accepted to the best CPA Networks online such as Max Bounty and Peerfly.

This isn’t easy if you try this on you own but CPA Lead Machine shows you the best practises to increase your chances of getting accepted to the CPA Networks first time.

Video 3 –  Campaign Setup cpa lead machine review 

Watch over Neil’s shoulder as he sets up CPA campaigns right within his Bing Ads account.

Video 4 – Optimizing cpa lead machine review

In this video Neil optimizes the campaigns he set up in the last video and shows you how to get better ROI’s

Video 5 – High CTR’s cpa lead machine review 

CTR’s stand for Click Through Rates. Neil shows you right here in this video how to increase the CTR’s on your CPA Ads thus putting more money in your pocket.

Video 6 – Case Study Goals

This is where you’ll learn what goals you should be aiming for within your campaigns.

Video 7 – Study The Data

Probably the most CRUCIAL part of CPA Marketing – learning how to track your clicks and how to understand your data.

If you don’t track your campaigns or you don’t understand what you are doing regarding tracking then you WILL lose money CPA Marketing.

The CPA Courses we’ve seen before teach you nothing about tracking your CPA campaigns and this section is what sets CPA Lead Machine apart from the others.

Video 8 – Bonus Case Study

Here Neil shows you a campaign that you can copy as your own and start generating CPA commissions straight away.

cpa lead machine review


CPA Lead Machine OTO’s or Up-sells

There are 2 x OTO’s to the CPA Lead Machine course and they are –

  1. CPA Lead Machine Pro – $21
  2. CPA Lead Machine Template Pack – $42

You’ll agree that for $9.95 the CPA Lead Machine base course is well worth the investment.

If, however, you want to take your CPA Marketing commissions to the next level I highly recommend you take advantage of the CPA Lead Machine OTO’s


cpa lead machine review


OTO # 1 – CPA Lead Machine Pro – $21

For $21 this upsell is a no brainer and you will learn more from this than the base $9.95 front end product.

Again, this course is broken down into very easy to follow videos.

Video 1 – Choosing An Offer

You will be shown how to chose the best converting CPA offers available.

Video 2 – Creating Your Squeeze Page

This is how you will make recurring commissions with CPA Marketing. You will be shown how to build a high converting landing page in order to build an email list so you can resell to your subscribers over and over again.

Video 3 – Bidding Strategies

Here you’ll learn how to bid for your ad keywords.

Video 4 – Tracking Setup

VERY IMPORTANT! You MUST learn how to track your clicks and Neil shows you how to do that in this video.

Video 5 – Creating High CTR Ads

Learn the best methods of creating High Click Through Rate ads to maximize your commissions.

Video 6 – Keyword Research

You will be shown how to target the best keywords for your ads.

Video 7 – Targeting

Learn how to target your ads for higher commissions.

Video 8 – Optimizing Your Campaigns

Neil shows you how to optimize your campaigns for maximum return on investment – ROI.

Video 9 – Broad Match Keywords

Learn how broad match keywords can help you generate far greater commissions.


cpa lead machine review


OTO # 2 – CPA Lead Machine Template Pack – $42

This part of CPA Lead Machine is designed to save you time, and it does!

You will have access to ready made squeeze pages plus some additional training and tools.

Is it worth $42? Absolutely , YES!

Creating landing pages can be very time consuming and in many cases very expensive if you end up hiring a designer.

For someone to hand you ready made squeeze pages and only ask for the low price of $42 (PLUS extra training and tools) makes this upsell well worth the money.


cpa lead machine review


Do You Need The Upsells? 

In a word – No!

There is plenty of information in the front end CPA Lead Machine product @ $9.95.

You could setup campaigns without either upsell but I would highly recommend you invest in them both.

The reason I say this is – each upsell adds real value to the main CPA Lead Machine course and will radically increase your chances of making money.

Both of the upsells are very reasonably priced too.


cpa lead machine review


CPA Lead Machine Final Verdict

CPA Lead Machine gets the thumbs up from us.

If CPA Marketing is something you’ve been considering then this course is a must for you.

The amount of CPA courses that are available today must run into the 1000’s and we’ve reviewed quite a few of them.

We can honestly say – not many of the CPA courses we’ve reviewed hand you half the amount of information CPA Lead Machine does.

CPA Lead Machine doesn’t just show you how to generate commissions with CPA but the course also shows you how to build an email list in the process, a VITAL part of any successful online business.

cpa lead machine review



cpa lead machine review

cpa lead machine review

cpa lead machine review

cpa lead machine review

cpa lead machine review


To claim your bonuses simply purchase CPA Lead Machine off this page and send proof of purchase to me via the contact form at the top of this post.

Your bonuses will be delivered to you within 24 hours of you purchase.

To your success.

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