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Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Honest Evergreen Wealth Formula Review.

Before we get straight into this Evergreen Wealth Formula Review is it important that we cover a few important points.

No doubt you’ve been searching for Evergreen Wealth Formula Reviews for most of the day still wondering if James Scholes (The Evergreen Wealth Formula creator) is to be trusted or to find out if (in fact) the Evergreen Wealth formula is to be trusted or a complete scam like many other of these fly by night products out there?

All I can say is – if that’s you then stick with my Evergreen Wealth Formula Review as it will be the ONLY review of this product you will need.

We’ve been asked by a lot of visitors to our website if we knew anything about the Evergreen Wealth Formula and if we could do an Evergreen Wealth Formula Review so we thought ‘why not?’.

So 6 months ago we bought the product and this is what we found.


Is The Evergreen Wealth Formula A Scam?


There’s really not a great deal else we can add to this section but you can rest assured that the Evergreen Wealth Formula is 100% not a scam and completely above board.

If you happen to stumble upon any other websites that lead you to believe the Evergreen Wealth Formula is a scam then the chances are the owner of that website is trying to lead you into buying another product instead of the Evergreen Wealth Formula.

evergreen wealth formula review

evergreen wealth formula review

So What Is The Evergreen Wealth Formula?

The Evergreen Wealth Formula is basically a 100% legitimate work at home opportunity.

James Scholes walks you through the entire process of setting up an online business you can build up to – well, the skies the limit really.

The method behind the Evergreen Wealth Formula is time tested.

It isn’t a method that has just been thought up, it is a method that has been around for many a year and that ALL the biggest businesses in the world use to this day and will always use.

Every internet marketer uses this method and they use it because it works, fact!

The Evergreen Wealth Formula isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

It isn’t some push button app that supposedly churns out endless streams of cash day in day out.

What the Evergreen Wealth Formula is, is a legitimate business that you can build up over time and be proud of.

Could you soon be making money like in the image below with the Evergreen Wealth Formula ? Of course you could!

evergreen wealth formula review


evergreen wealth formula review


The Product.

The product is solid and it does exactly what it says in James’ sales videos.

He says he’ll – “Take you by the hand and walk you through every step of the course”

James Scholes does just that and he does it in a series of very easy to follow, step by step instructional videos which he’s put together by himself and you watch over his shoulder and replicate everything he s doing right there in front of you.

Now, here at square-face.com we have reviewed hundreds of I.M products and I can tell you not many courses are set out in a way where you can watch directly over someone’s shoulder as they walk you through every stage of the setup.

That’s what you get here.

The training really is first class and we applaud James Scholes and the Evergreen Wealth Formula for that.


evergreen wealth formula reviews

The Price.

The price says it’s $97 and the price is $97.

We all know about the dreaded upsell after the front end product price. The piece of the product that these multimillionaire marketers purposely leave out of their products so you’re forced into buying an upsell or 5 on the next page.

We’ve all bought the next big ‘Money Making Cash Machine’ software that’s just come out only to find after you’ve purchased the product you need to spend 100’s of dollars on some expensive software to make it work properly, right ?

Well here’s the breath of fresh air, guys – There is no upsell on the Evergreen Wealth Formula Review 

That’s right – you read that correctly – no upsell whatsoever!

True to his word in his sales video, James Scholes says there are no upsells of any kind and there aren’t.

This is a first for us at Square-Face.com so we actually contacted James Scholes to find out why he hadn’t added a single upsell or any kind of sales funnel to his front end product and here’s what he said –

“I was in the same position as people out there about 10 years ago and I got sick to the back teeth of people ripping me off with their upsells so after deciding to make my own product a number of years ago I always said I would over deliver within the product itself and I wouldn’t charge people more than I had to. I find being transparent and upfront with people before they buy my Evergreen Wealth Formula course the best way to be. I’ve always been a marketer who stands by their morals and that’s how I intend to stay”

He also told us –

I am constantly working on my Evergreen Wealth Formula course tweaking parts of it and improving it. This is a course that I will work on improving for as long as I’m an internet marketer. Unlike other internet marketers I don’t release a new product every week to try and make as much money as I can. I’ll just keep working on the product I have, improving it and rolling out the new methods to the people who have bought my course completely free of charge.

Well James, we salute you !

Our Evergreen Wealth Formula Review Conclusion.

If you’re someone who is looking to start on online business, someone who can follow simple step by step instructions and someone who can spare maybe an hour a day for the first few weeks then the Evergreen Wealth Formula is for you.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or someone who has a degree of experience with making money online this course is well suited for you.

It is a complete money making system unlike many other systems out there. James leaves no stone unturned here and you are never left scratching your head wondering what to do next or did you do something wrong?

If you go ahead and purchase the Evergreen Wealth Formula Review you WILL 100% make money online.

As with anything in life – you will get out of the product what you are prepared to put into the product. In time the Evergreen Wealth product will run itself and it will generate you money on complete autopilot but there is a setting up process that you will have to go through first.

evergreen wealth formula review



If you guys purchase the Evergreen Wealth Formula through my Evergreen Wealth Formula Review page I will send you ALL the cool bonuses listed below FOR FREE. 

To Claim These Bonuses –

Step #1 – Clear all your cookies from your browser then purchase the EverGreen Wealth Formula off this page.

Step #2 – Email me HERE using this CONTACT FORM and provide your purchase details, receipt.  

That’s it. Once I receive your receipt I will email you all the bonuses listed below usually within 24 hours.    

Ok, The Bonuses For Purchasing Through This Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Bonus #1 – The Time Of A Super Affiliate.

You will have access to me (a super affiliate) for 30 days. I will provide you with my own email address and for 30 days you can ask me whatever you like.

I currently make $25,000+ per week online so I know a thing or 2. 

You can ask me to review your landing page, autoresponder email series, affiliate marketing questions, SEO questions – anything you like for a full 30 DAYS – VALUE $999

If you chose to continue to use my services after the 30 days FREE the special Price for you will be $499 instead of $999


Bonus #2 – Free Traffic Tornado.

evergreen wealth formula review

No matter what sort of an online business you’re running you’re going to need traffic and FREE TRAFFIC is the best you can get.

Get this POWERFUL video training FOR FREE. 

Value – $67



Bonus #3 – Lead Generation Mastery.

15 POWERFUL videos showing you exactly how to set up a Lead Generating system.evergreen wealth formula review

If you think you’re a little too advanced for this read on.

This comes with –

  • Complete Video Training
  • Mind Maps
  • Sales Page And Letter
  • All Covers

Basically this is a complete business in a box YOU can set up and sell as YOUR OWN.

Value – $97


evergreen wealth formula review

Bonus #4 – Earn Big With Product Launches.

Complete video training detailing how you can earn BIG MONEY from other peoples  product launches.

One of the easiest ways to make money online if you know what you’re doing.

Value – $47




Bonus #5 – Your Very Own Reddit Plan For Massive Traffic.Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

Reddit is massive but mastering how to generate traffic from Reddit is complicated, VERY complicated.

The guys who use Reddit are clever and will buy the right products. You NEED to use Reddit to your advantage and this POWERFUL series of video training will show you how to dominate Reddit like a pro.

Value – $47



Bonus #6 – Generate TARGETED TRAFFIC With The Warrior Forum.

If you’ve never heard of the Warrior Forum you’re missing a trick. evergreen wealth formula review

This is where the biggest brains on the internet hangout but also where many newbies go to learn.

If you know how to use the Warrior Forum the correct way your sales could go through the roof as this is the place to get THE MOST targeted traffic online.


Value – $47 but PRICELESS if you master this method.




Bonus #7 – List Building Fire.

You’re building an email list, right? No, well you should be! Evergreen Wealth Formula Review

List building is the #1 way the top marketers make money online.

This eBook is straight to the point.

It gives you (in detail) 50 of the best methods of building your email list to the 1000’s within days.

Value – $27

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  1. Thank you for review, I enjoyed reading it and found it very enlightening.

    As it goes, I recently signed up to James’ free course which I enjoyed immensely, and as a result, I’m now very interested in his evergreen wealth formula course.

    However, I’ve been reading some of the reviews and some of them recommend wealthy affiliate over the evergreen wealth formula.

    I’d be interested in your take on this and which one you would opt for?

    I’ve emailed both wealthy affiliate and James Scholes with questions about their courses.

    James has got back to me and answered all my questions (in a speedy fashion, might I add too).

    However, I’ve yet to get a reply from wealthy affiliate, so hopefully they’ll reply soon.

    Thanks again for the review and I look forward to your reply.

    Tom Kinsey

    • Hey Tom, I appreciate your kind words.

      We’ve been hearing a lot recently regarding The Wealthy Affiliate and if I’m honest not all that we hear is positive.

      One of the methods Wealthy Affiliate seem to teach their students is viewed by many as bad practice.

      What Wealthy Affiliate seem to teach people is – to find other internet marketing products online and create
      bad reviews of that particular product.

      They will essentially get their students write a review post of a product that they have never had access to saying that the
      product in question is very poor then they guide the reader of that post into their recommended internet marketing product (surprise, surprise) The Wealthy Affiliate.

      This is happening more and more lately and respectable internet marketers with genuine products are having their reputations
      damaged online by this tactic..

      We’re actually looking into this Wealthy Affiliate program right now and may even do a full review of our own about the product but
      from what we’ve heard I would strongly advise against Wealthy Affiliate, but at the end of the day that’s your call.

      Another thing we hear about The Wealthy Affiliate is apparently it’s free…

      The only concern is – if the Wealthy Affiliate is free then why do so many affiliates promote it?

      If it is free then affiliates will never make any commissions leading us to believe that at some point after signing
      up to the Wealthy Affiliate they will be asking you to get you wallet out and part with cash.

      Why are Wealthy Affiliate not transparent straight from the start about their prices ? Hmmmm!

      As for the Evergreen Wealth Formula – it’s 100% legit.

      We were inundated with people wanting to hear what we had to say about the Evergreen Wealth Formula so we went ahead and
      investigated it some months ago.

      As I said in the review – James Scholes seems to be a good guy from the communication we’ve had with him and the course
      is solid.

      He teaches in detail a proven method of generating consistent online income with nothing left out.

      Considering some of the courses we’ve reviewed over the years the Evergreen Wealth Formula stands out as 1 of the
      better ones and the fact there are no upsells the price is very reasonable too.

      Again, thanks for reading my review and good luck with your online venture.

      Any more questions – don’t hesitate to contact us 🙂

      • Good read, Square Face… Cheers!

        It’s interesting you mention Wealthy Affiliate because the exact same thing happened to me as well…

        I was looking up reviews for another product and all the reviews was saying that Wealthy Affiliate was the better program than the program I was originally looking up.

        So I signed up for a paid membership (yes, it’s not free – it’s a monthly fee to get anything worthwhile) and what they teach is exactly what you said.

        Basically, to build a “review” site and pan all the products and recommend Wealthy Affiliate instead.

        Me personally, that doesn’t sit too well with me where I review products I’ve never used or seen, and then recommend Wealthy Affiliate like it’s the second coming or something.

        The thing is, a lot of beginners get roped into it due to all the fake reviews in Google, singing its praises (like I did).

        After I unsubscribed, I came across this thread where other people are talking about the unethical marketing practices taught within the Wealthy Affiliate program.

        Here’s a link to it:


        I recommend anyone to check it out as it shows you the kinda stuff that’s going on and all the unethical marketing practices taught in the Wealthy Affiliate program.

        As with the Evergreen Wealth Formula program…

        I bought it last night due to your recommendation (this is why I’m back to your site) and to say thanks for your honest review.

        I haven’t dug too deep yet, but from what I’ve seen, it’s a very detailed course and I’m very impressed with so far.

        Spoke to James last night as well and he seems like a decent guy who wants to help which is always a bonus when it comes to this industry.

        I’ll come back and share results (if I get any, that is) and keep you posted.

        Thanks again for your honest review… It’s very rare in this industry.


        Ron Howards

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