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Review: IM Traffic Review

Product: IM Traffic – Facebook Masters

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IM traffic review

First I want to thank you all for stopping by and checking out my IM Traffic Review.

This IM Traffic Review is going to be the only review of the product you will need.

Everything you need to know about IM Traffic will be revealed in this post.

  • What You Will Learn With IM Traffic
  • The Complete Breakdown Of The Course
  • The Price
  • The IM Traffic OTO’s
  • And More….


IM traffic review


IM Traffic Review – Facebook Masters


Traffic to our websites is the 1 thing that will make or break us online.

We all need website traffic, we all want website traffic but very few of us know exactly how to acquire it.

Many of us search endlessly for ways of driving traffic to our websites, blogs or affiliate links only to fail miserably time and time again.

Is it not time you stopped failing and started actually getting tons of targeted website hits per day – almost on demand?

Well now you can.

IM Traffic by Kevin Fahey takes what you thought you knew about advertising on Facebook, turns it on it’s head and shows you how to do Facebook Ads THE RIGHT WAY!

Listen guys, if you know how to advertise on Facebook correctly then all your traffic worries will be over.

People who find profitable campaigns on Facebook earn serious money week by week however, advertising on Facebook without knowing what you’re doing will surly lose you a boat load of cash.

Paid ads on Facebook are the holy grail – done right.

Paid ads on Facebook by people who are guessing always ends in disaster.

Take The Guess Work Out Of Website Traffic With IM Traffic.

If You want to see daily income like the screen shot below you WILL need traffic.

IM traffic review


The earnings screen shot above is what happens DAILY and all that traffic is generated through Facebook Ads.

That is possible for you too. Master Facebook Ads and the earnings possibilities are endless. 


IM traffic review


IM Traffic Review – Course Breakdown


So 1 thing we noticed whilst putting together our IM Traffic review is the amount of time and effort Kevin has put into this training.

When I first heard about IM Traffic Facebook Master I immediately thought

Ugh, Just another Facebook Ads course

How very wrong I was to think that!

Here’s Why –

The course itself is broken down into 6 (very easy to follow) step by step modules.

Module #1 

Part #1 – Training Overview

Part #2 – Understanding Paid Advertising 

Part #3 – Knowing The Numbers


Module #2

Part #1 – Facebook Ads Type 

Part #2 – Facebook Placement 

Part #3 – Facebook Audiences 

Part #4 – Facebook Tracking Pixel 

Part #5 – Facebook Re-targeting 

Part #6 – Facebook Ads Reporting 

Part #7 – Facebook Ads Reporting 2


Module #3

Part #1 – Understanding The Dashboard 

Part #2 – Setting Up Your Campaign

Part #3 – Creating Your Target Audience 


Module #4

Part #1 (a) – List Building Profits – Funnel & Image Ads

Part #1 (b) – List Building Profits – Video Ads

Part #1 (c) – List Building Profits – Lead Ads

Part #1 (d) – List Building Profits – Autoresponder

Part #2 (a) – Branding Profits – Fan Pages

Part #2 (b) – Branding Profits – First Impression 

Part #3 (a) – Upsell Profits – Buyers Ads

Part #3 (b) – Upsell Profits – Reminders 


Module #5

Part #1 – Insights And Research

Part #2 – Audiences And Power Editor


Module #6 

Case Studies Part #1 – Coaching Funnel 

Case Studies Part #2 – Offline Funnel

Case Studies Part #3 – Membership Funnel


Along with all the awesome training videos above, Kevin and his team supply you with many free tools and resources to help you even further.

Added to that they have weekly webinars just to add EVEN MORE VALUE to what is already an insane amount of coaching you receive.

All that for $37?

Cheap as chips we think you’ll agree.

Click The Button Below To Secure Your Copy Of IM Traffic – Facebook Masters NOW!

IM traffic review


IM Traffic Review – OTO’s


As with any online course these days there are upsells.

The IM Traffic – Facebook Masters OTO’s aren’t just there for the sake of it.

These OTO’s actually add even more value to the IM Traffic course.


IM Traffic OTO #1 


IM Traffic Pro Upgrade – $97

This is the first of 2 upsells.

For the stupidly low price of $97 you will have access to 8 weeks of live training with Kevin and his team.

They will be there every step of the way to guide you through each step as you set up your Facebook advertising campaigns.

You have access to paid traffic masterminds, live!

No nonsense support desks or support tickets – live help.

They will answer any question you have right then and there.

We believe the IM Traffic Pro Upgrade will only be @ $97 for a short period of time before the price shoots up to $997.

Even @ $997 it would still be worth the money but we would all rather pay $97, right ?!


IM traffic review


IM Traffic OTO #2


IM Traffic VIP Training – $4.95 Per Month

In this second and final upsell of the IM Traffic course you will find hours upon hours of further training provided by Kevin and his team.

You’ll receive over 130 video training session totalling a whopping 30+ hours of expert tuition.

Kevin and his team move this training up to the next level teaching you everything from –

  • Beginner training 
  • Email Marketing Training 
  • The Best WordPress Plugins
  • PLR Training
  • How To close High Ticket Sales
  • And Much, Much More…

This upsell is perfect for complete beginners and seasoned online marketers alike and for the trail price of $4.95 per month it’s virtually impossible to turn down. 


IM traffic review


IM Traffic Review – Verdict


If you’ve read this post properly you will see how much time and effort Kevin and his team have invested in IM Traffic – Facebook Masters course.

They gave us access to the course so we could put together a non bias review, that’s how confident Kevin and his team are of IM Traffic.

If you thinking of using Facebook to advertise then I suggest you first get hold of IM Traffic – Facebook Masters, as you could stand to lose a lot of money advertising on Facebook if you don’t know how to do it correctly.

We’ve reviewed Facebook advertising courses in the past that don’t have anywhere near as much training or information as IM Traffic and they were priced @ $2000+

That’s right guys – many people out there charge over $2000 for very poorly put together Facebook Advertising courses that don’t come close to what IM Traffic provides, and the best part – IM Traffic – Facebook Masters is a steal @ just $37 – wow!

This would be the only Facebook Advertising course that’s on the market right now that I would recommend.

Click The Button Below And But IM Traffic – Facebook Masters – Now!

IM traffic review



Awesome Bonuses If You Buy IM Traffic Facebook Masters Off This Page


Not that IM Traffic needs sweetening – we decided to do it anyway.

If you purchase IM Traffic off this IM Traffic Review post you will get these awesome bonuses absolutely free!


IM traffic review

IM traffic review


IM traffic review


IM traffic review


IM traffic review


Claiming These Bonuses Is Easy. Purchase IM Traffic Off This Post Then Hit The ‘Contact Us’ Button At The Top Of This Page.

Shoot Us A Message With Your Proof Of Purchase (Receipt) And Your Bonuses Will Be Emailed Directly To You Within 24 Hours.

Easy As That.

Thanks for reading our IM Traffic review once again and we wish you all the very best success with your online venture.

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