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rich jerk review

Ok, you’ve made your way to our Rich Jerk review so we’d better get on with it.

First off I think it’s only right to give you guys a little back story on who The Rich Jerk is and why we’ve decided to do the Rich Jerk review.

Who Is Rich Jerk, Then?

Roughly 10 years ago The Rich Jerk burst onto the scene and took the internet marketing world by STORM!

When I say he took the I.M world by STORM that is no exaggeration or far from us trying to big up this review.

The guy was loud, brash, in your face and he called himself ‘The Rich Jerk’…

At first many regular internet marketers thought “scam”, “Rich Jerk Scam, it must be”, but you know what? He wasn’t…

The Rich Jerk got results and got results fast.

His methods were a bit out there and his madness was off the scale but he got results none stop!

It was like The Rich Jerk was a magnet for money. He could start a new project and have it in profit in no time at all.

Wow – the internet marketing world literally EXPLODED and many of the Guru’s who are still around today made their first dollar after buying The Rich Jerk product.

The Rich Jerk created so many MILLIONAIRES and the internet marketing world has never seen anything like it before.

The Rich Jerk was like a magic man. Nobody knew who he was, nobody knew where he came from then, BOOM, nobody knew where he went.

That’s right, after a very short stay The Rich Jerk vanished.

I know – as you read this Rich Jerk Review you’re sat there thinking ‘it sounds so far fetched it can’t be true’. TRUST me guys, everything in this Rich Jerk Review is 100% TRUE..

The Rich Jerk has been unheard off for the past decade but out of the blue – HE’S BACK!

This is why we NEEDED to put together this Rich Jerk Review so you guys don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity before The Rich Jerk vanishes again.


rich jerk review

The Rich Jerk Review 2016 Product

So let’s dive into the Rich Jerk review of his 2016 course. What’s in the Rich Jerk course and what results should you expect to see..

Rich Jerk Module 1 – Ninja SEO Training

What you’ll learn in this section is simply SEO. If you don’t know what SEO is it’s short for Search Engine Optimization.

Basically Rich Jerk teaches you SEO done RIGHT!!

Even if you think you’re an SEO master you’ll learn something new in this training but it is designed to have COMPLETE BEGINNERS setting up and running profitable websites with absolutely NO prior SEO knowledge whatsoever.

You can pretty much forget what you’ve Googled SEO wise. Forget the quick fire, Blackhat methods you were going to try to rank your websites. The Rich Jerk shows you SEO the RIGHT WAY!

The training is made up of 5 in depth, easy to digest videos and also the PDF’s if you prefer to read the information.

Video 1 – Introduction And Finding The Correct Niche.

Video 2 – Selecting The Correct Affiliate Offers To Promote – FOR FREE.

Video – How To Set Up Your BRAND NEW Website Super Fast And Simple.

Video 4 – The Content Silo Method.

Video 5 – The Newest Way Of Building SUPER POWERFUL Backlinks That Drive INSANE Amounts Of Traffic To Your Websites. Even We Learnt A Lot From This Training Video… Wow !!!


the rich jerk review

Rich Jerk Module 2 – Facebook Marketing

Here you’re going to learn how to market on Facebook – THE RIGHT WAY.

You’ll learn how to dominate Facebook directly from a marketer who is generating a MASSIVE $400,000 PER MONTH through Facebook.

You’ll watch over the shoulder and be taught the EXACT same methods they use to generate that kind of crazy money.

Facebook marketing is hard to master, believe me, but with this training you’ll be rocking Facebook and soon start seeing insane results.

The lucky few who were the Beta testers for The Rich Jerk have reportedly gone on and started generating $28,000 consistently per monthy from Facebook after following this training.

Facebook is a beast and every marketer uses it to generate a vast amount of their monthly income.

7 Easy To Follow Videos In This Section.

Video 1 – The Basics.

Video 2 – How To Use The Facebook Ads Targeting Tool.

Video 3 – Moulding The Perfect Buyer

Video 4 – Creating The Perfect Landing Page

Video 5 –  How And Where To Find The Most Profitable Offers To Promote.

Video 6 – Link Cloaking And Much More.

Video 7 – How To Link All Of That Information You’ve Just Learnt Together.

I hope you guys are really starting to see the value in The Rich Jerk and why we had to put this Rich Jerk review together.

There’s plenty more to come yet but if what you’ve read so far is enough and you’re eager to get your copy of The Rich Jerk RIGHT NOW then you can get you hands on it here >>> BUY THE RICH JERK HERE, NOW


the rich jerk review


Module 3 – Launch Jacking

Not sure what Launch Jacking is, right? Don’t worry, you soon will.

Simply put it’s a SUPER EASY method of making BIG MONEY in literally days on the back of other peoples product launches.

Here’s What You’ll Get In This Module –

  1. Introduction.
  2. Live Proof Launch Jacking Works.
  3. Finding The Right Domain Name.
  4. Finding The Products Pt 1.
  5. Finding Products Pt 2.
  6. Selecting The Correct Products.
  7. Setting Up WordPress Pt 1.
  8. Setting Up WordPress Pt 2.
  9. Kick Ass Plugins To Use.
  10. Getting Other People To Create Your Content.
  11. Getting Other People To Crate Your Backlinks.
  12. Over The Shoulder As They Buy Links There And Then.
  13. Free Backlinks You Can Create On Your Own.
  14. Re-Targeting Campaigns.
  15. Facebook Ads Section – You Need To Master Facebook Ads.
  16. Getting Your Website SEO In Order For An Avalanche Of Sales.
  17. A Tour Of RJ’s Own Launch Jacking Sites

Pretty cool and KICK ASS section on it’s own, right ?!?

This module alone is worth the price of THE WHOLE course and we’re not even finished there.


the rich jerk review

Module 4 – More Awesome Stuff

So without name dropping this section is made up of some HEAVY HITTERS in the internet marketing space.

They’ve made a bunch of guest appearances and they let you in on some of their deepest, darkest secrets of how they generate MILLIONS of dollars online per year.

A Few Of The Things You’ll Learn Here Are –

  1. Learn From A Guy Who Makes $10 MILLION Per Year From Amazon.
  2. How To Build A Super Powerful Email LIst Of Hungry Buyers Ready To Give You Money For Sending Emails.
  3. Learn How To Sell T-Shirts. Doesn’t Sound So Awesome, right, But People Make $1000’s Doing This Online.
  4. Much, Much, MUCH more….

The Price

We were blown away to discover the price of all this goodness was only $297 and I’m sure after reading out Rich Jerk Review you will be too, but wait.

Before you rush off this page to buy your copy of The Rich Jerk there are some upsells that it’s only fair you should know about.

Upsell #1 –

Extra Coaching Every 2 Weeks. Price $197. Recommended But Not Essential.

Upsell #2 –

Rich Jerk Gold Software. If You Fancy Buying And Selling Precious Metals ie, Gold And Silver Then Take This Upsell.

You will have you’re own precious metal website built out and ready to go. Price $997. Recommended But Not Essential.

Upsell #3 – 

Rich Jerk SEO Software. For Those Who Want Their SEO Done Right And With Less Hassle. Price $79 Per Month. Recommended But Not Essential.

Bonus –

If You Buy The Rich Jerk You Will Get A Cool Box Of Goodies Delivered To Your Door.

This Isn’t Some Crappy PDF Document Emailed To You. It’s A PHYSICAL BOX OF COOL PRODUCTS From The Rich Jerk HIMSELF.


The Rich Jerk Review

Our Rich Jerk Review Conclusion

Not very often do we tell you to get out your wallet and buy a product but when there’s this much value offered at such a reasonable price then it would be idiotic of us not to.


Guys, we’ve told you what’s in the course and we’ve given you the back story on The Rich Jerk.

If you don’t click the ADD TO CART buttons on THIS PAGE to secure your copy of The Rich Jerk 2016 and he disappears again just like he did 10 years ago and you miss out…. then…. SHAME ON YOU.

Click The ADD TO CART before it’s too late –



Buy Through this Page And Receive All The Bonuses Below. After You Purchase Use The ‘Contact Us’ Form At The Top Of This Page And Send Me The Details Of Your Purchase. Your Bonuses Will Be Emailed To You Within 24 Hours.






rich jerk review



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