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Review: Xtreme Builder Review

Creator: Jimmy Kim

Price: $49

Xtreme Builder OTO’s: Yes. Details Below

Website: www.XtremeBuilder.net

Verdict: 100% Worth It!


xtreme builder review


Xtreme Builder Review

Hey Everyone – Welcome to my Xtreme Builder Review.

Your here because you want to know all about Xtreme Builder –

  1. What it can do for you
  2. What you will you receive when you buy Xtreme Builder
  3. What are Xtreme Builder OTO


What Is Xtreme Builder?


xtreme builder review

Not only can building a website be hard and extremely time consuming – it can also be very expensive, too!

If you’re not the most tech savy person then you used to have to hire expensive website designers to bring the vision of your website to life or go and hire some mediocre seller from godd old Fiverr, not anymore!

Enter – Xtreme Builder.

Xtreme Builder is one of the most powerful website builders available today.

Jimmy Kim and his team have built a website builder software that is completely drag and drop and has taken 100% of headaches away from building a website.

With Xtreme Builder you can build any type of website or website page your mind can think of –

  • Webpages
  • JV Pages
  • Sales Pages
  • Thankyou Pages
  • Squeeze Pages / Landing Pages
  • WooCommerce Pages
  • And Much More…

You can install Xtreme Builder in (literally) minutes and then there is no end to the customization you can do from there.

Please Take A Moment To Watch The Xtreme Builder In Action Below.


xtreme builder review


As you can see from the video above – there is no end to the amount of beautiful and professional looking websites you can build with Xtreme Builder.
Not only that – you’ll have a blast watching your websites take shape right before your eyes.


 Here’s a list of features Xtreme Builder Offers –


xtreme builder review
xtreme builder review


Why Should You Buy Xtreme Builder?

Ok, if you’ve not already clicked off this Xtreme Builder Review and purchased the product already, here’s even more reasons why you WILL buy Xtreme Builder TODAY!

  1. Special Templates Designed JUST For Internet Marketers – Like Us
  2. Create Any Type Of HIGH COVERTING Webpage In Minutes
  3. Design The Best eCommerce And WooCommerce Pages In Minutes
  4. Pages SEO Optimized For Better Rankings In The Search Engines
  5. FREE Updates For Life. They Improve The product You Get It For FREE
  6. All Pages Ready Made Mobile Friendly
  7.  No HTML Experience Required. 100% Drag And Drop – EASY!
  8. Live Drag And Drop Editor Feature
  9. Easily Add Video Backgrounds
  10. Easily Add Features Due To 100’s Of Short Codes Already Built In
  11. Over 700 Fonts Available
  12. Over 550 Retina Ready Fonts Available Within Xtreme Builder
  13. No End To The Page Layouts Available
  14. Over 50 READY MADE Template You Can Use As Your Own RIGHT NOW
  15. Parallax Effects Available
  16. Separate CPA And Affiliate Marketing Section


If you’re like me you’ll love the idea of someone doing all the heavy lifting for you and that’s exactly what Xtreme Builder does.

It allows you to create that beautiful website that you’ve been dreaming of but without having to do all the hard work or having to part with 1000’s of dollars.

See – it’s not an exaggeration when I say the cost of a professional looking website can run into the $1000’s if you have web designers build your pages out.

Website building hasn’t been cheap and hasn’t been easy for most people – until now.

Xtreme Builder has given every person in the world today the same chance of creating websites.

Until now only people with plenty of cash or knowledge of HTML / CSS code have been able to build awesome looking websites, no more.

Xtreme Builder has changed the game!

xtreme builder review

xtreme builder review

Xtreme Builder OTO #1


Platinum Builder Template Pack – $67 

This Xtreme Builder OTO hands you 250 HIGH converting webpages to get things moving much faster for you.

This Xtreme Builder OTO makes things as easy as A,B,C.

A – Import Whichever Done For You Template You Like

B – Edit Anything On The Page – Optional

C – That’s It, Publish It And You’re Already Rockin’

The benefits of having this Xtreme Builder OTO are plain to see.

You are handed READY MADE, DONE FOR YOU, PROVEN webpages that are ready to go.

Jimmy Kim and his design team have tested these templates and they know they convert.

Why waste time trying to find a high converting pages when Xtreme Builder hands them to you, already made for this low cost?


xtreme builder review

xtreme builder review


Xtreme Builder OTO #2


WordPress Image Editor – $67

With the Xtreme Builder Image Editor OTO You Get –

  • Access To 2 MILLION Royalty Free Images
  • 1 Click Image Editor Creator
  • Unlimited Support Inside
  • Full Image Editing Suite
  • Over 20 Instagram Filters
  • Over 100 Image Special Effects
  • Your Images SEO Ready
  • Video Branding
  • 6 Social Network 1 Click Access

Engaging images are what makes your website stand out from the rest.

With Xtreme Builders image editing suite you will be able to create truly breath taking images in a matter of minutes.

If you want another run of the mill, boring website then I suggest you skip this upgrade.

If on the other hand you want a highly engaging website that your visitors will love then this Xtreme Builder OTO is a must for you!


xtreme builder review


Xtereme Builder OTO #3 


Xtreme Builder Developer License – $197 – $297

This is simply AMAZING.

Jimmy Kim and his team are giving you the full developer license to their Xtreme Builder product, but what does that mean?

Well – for $197 you can go out and install Xtreme Builder on 500.

For $297 you can install Xtreme Builder on 1000 sites.

This means you could charge up to 1000 people whatever price you like to make their website.

You would simply install Xtreme Builder on their website and drag and drop your way to that big pay day.

If that doesn’t appeal to you then why not sell Xtreme Builder as your OWN PRODUCT?

That’s right – with this developer license you will be handed the product as if it were your own.

Imagine being handed a product of this quality and being able to sell it as YOUR OWN for however much you like and keep 100% of the profits.

The possibilities are endless here with this Xtreme Builder OTO.


xtreme builder review

My Xtreme Builder Review Final Verdict

Ok, we’d better wrap up this Xtreme Builder Review.

If you’ve read the whole post I’m sure you’ll be absolutely blown away with what Xtreme Builder can do for you and your business.

This product has Jimmy Kim’s name on it and as you’ll know – anything associated with Jimmy Kim is solid.

This is (without doubt) 1 of the easiest website builders we’ve tested to date and not only that – with the option of taking the Xtreme Builder OTO #3 Developers License the product just goes to the next level.

To be handed a ready made business that is PROVEN to sell just blows the lid off this thing.


xtreme builder review


Pick Up Xtreme Builder Off This Page And Get These Bonuses FREE.





To claim your bonuses simply clear all your cookies and buy Xtreme Builder off this page then send me proof of purchase via the contact form at the top of the post. Bonuses delivered within 24 hours.

To Your Success.

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